Travel, Poetry, books and an award

For years, I chased after dreams;  For years I made resolutions every new year and then looked away from them as the days passed – too ashamed to even acknowledge that I had made those resolutions.  Then last year, inspired by a friend who went after one of her dreams and fulfilled them, I decided to work on my inhibitions and simply focus on those things that I had always wanted to do but was afraid to. The end result has been publications of my poems in three different publications, a short-story in the anthology ‘Ripples’ , a story in the Chicken Soup Series, a ghost-writing book assignment and of course publication of my travel and general features.  The work-wise happiest moment though was in August, winning the Andra Pradesh State Tourism Department award for Excellence in Writing , handed out by the Andhra Pradesh CM.

This year has shown me what having a little confidence in myself can do. In the end the only thing that stands between us and our desires is our own attitude. While I have tried hard to make positive thinking make things work in my life, this year what worked for me was being neutral. Being positive cannot realistically be a permanent state of mind and I often felt so conflicted that I ended up wallowing in my misery. But being neutral was possible and helped so very much. And so what I did was focus on one thing at a time, be brave, kick my doubts aside and have strutted on to be more of me.  What am I going to do in the year ahead? Ah, I am gonna shake my world some more.

5 thoughts on “Travel, Poetry, books and an award

  1. I read your blog as soon as my e-mail account as a mail popped.It is ALWAYS inspiring,always encouraging,always aiding me drive towards my goal.I quit writing for certain fears for the past two years,but as mentioned above,I am going to act “neutral” this year.
    I almost forgot,congratulations on the ALL the publications and also for the reward.I am huge fan,please post pictures.=).

    1. Thank you so very much, Neha. You made my day:) And please keep writing.

  2. Congratulations on the award and all the best for the new year!

  3. congrats on your achievements !

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