On the streets of Ooty

On her forehead
worries collapsed
one upon another
a wrinkly pile of seasons harsh
sustaining each other

Wrapped in wool
her body refused
warmth creeping into her heart
with a strangers smile

She sat crumbling in pavements
indifferent to her plight
diffidence poised on her lips
waiting for the dusk
that forever hung over the horizon
to snuff the light out

5 thoughts on “On the streets of Ooty

  1. Hi, my name is victor and I live in California. I am visiting my mother and so am
    sending through her e-mail.
    There’s lovely music in your poem. And compassion.
    I love to write poetry too. You have inspired me tonight with your poem to write
    another. Here it is:

    My beautiful brown leaf glows warm when spread before the sun,
    and behind, the violet mountain below snowpeaks, before the winter blue.
    And so too, our brown age veins and creases
    glow with so warm being
    that when finally we alight in earth
    the snows must melt.

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  3. There is a lot of intensity in your writings. Your writings portray your intellectual personality.

    Loved them…absolutely!

    Good luck.

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  5. Oh!! This one is nice. It’s really inspiring… keep up the good work.!! šŸ™‚

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