A letter from my shadow to me

Dear Friend,

I felt its time I reached out to you. Though I know you may not be able to listen to me, I have to tell you this.

You are incredibly strong and yet you are so meek. Our lives are intertwined and yet sometimes you fail to even acknowledge my presence. You think of me as someone non-existent or perhaps inconsequential yet do you know how important we are to each other. We are remainders of our own existences. You can distort me as per will or maybe god decides to play his games with me at times. But it is only you who gives me my identity.

So many people associate negative things with me. They have given me surreal meanings. They associate me with everything dark; be it emotions, values or experiences. If only they understood my varied purposes. If only you chose to see; I am an alternate you. I am choices. I am the other possibility. My purpose if to remind you about your own identity and make you think. My job is stay with you always and to see that you remain your friend.

Do you know why I follow you so faithfully wherever you go? Because no matter what contradictions and varying influences are present in your life, your essence should remain intact. That’s what I seek to do, remind you to keep your true self away from the influences of the world. The worst that can happen to any man is to lose himself and I often see you doing that.

My friend, I don’t cease to exist in darkness, I am always there. It is just that you need light to see me. So if you do hear this, don’t look away from me the next time. Remember the reason I exist is because you do. Live my friend, for there is only one of you and me.

Take care,

Your Shadow

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