Being inspired and doing good

There is so much that inspires me. So many people that I see on the TV or read about or have had the fortune to meet. People who in their simple ways have created profound impacts.

Recently on oprah, (an old rerun) they ran a show about women you must know. Featured it in was Sabriye Tenberken. Blinded at the age of 12, she stood as a stellar example of what moral fire can do. While studying for her masters she helped develop a Braille script for Tibetian. And then at age 26, she went alone to Tibet and set up the first ever school there for blind children, travelling across the country alone. She has helped establish Braille Without Borders, a NGO that works in Tibet and is in the process of establishing an International school in India to train blind people to help establish their own organizations for people with blindness and other disabilities.

It was just so wonderful watching her speak on Oprah. She spoke for all of two minutes and they featured her organization for about 5 minutes. But it was enough to make me admire tremendously her gut and instinct. Faith can work wonders. All you need to do is believe. But isn�t that what we let go off firstly? We stop believing in ourselves and it is from that juncture, when you stop believing in the possibility of the potential within you that life goes haywire. All other actions are justified on the basis on that disbelief in your own inherent potential.

But does it truly matter if you impact one life or one million? Does it gain you more good karma if you give more good to people you don�t know rather than your own people? Is it more important to go through your life not harming anyone or anything or is it more important to do something in your life that positively changes thousands or maybe just tens or hundreds of lives. How do people figure this out? Me, I am still trying to find my path. Meanwhile all I can do is to ensure I am true to me, good to the people around me and do my utmost for the ones I love and whom I have the opportunity to serve. But some strange restlessness prevails, always does. Watching people like Sabriye and my CF friends though makes me believe, in me and in the potential of others.

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