Travelling around

Just read Mridula�s piece about her trip to Goa on GoNomad. I and Sajju were planning on taking that very same YHAI trip, but never did.

We both keep talking about travelling in India. But somehow all our time seems to just go in visiting family back home in Bombay and Pune. We travelled so much while we lived in the US. That�s the teeny bit trouble about living in India. I am so emotional about family all I want to do is be with them and then I sulk that I don�t get to travel. Slowly but steadily am trying to change all that. We did goto Ajanta and Ellora as well as Matheran this year! Next year I hope to travel more. There is just so much to explore in India. Each state with its own unique topography and social customs. I know if I want to visit each state in the country and understand just a little bit about them all, this lifetime won�t be enough. Maybe I�ll start with a dozen unvisited states first. What say?

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