I am still here

There is no way to instil discipline in myself, is there? I don�t know what it will take to make me stick to regular blogging. A huge blog traffic maybe? Ha ha. But I love this. Though I do feel I am talking to myself, it�s a lovely release.

I have been upto a lot in the past one month. Work has been a discovery with its ups and downs. Had a lovely week in Bombay for Diwali with family and friends though. Sairam has become as impish as can be and I came back depressed as can be. I hate living away from my family and to come back to this cold? Its freezing here in Hyderabad. Temperature last night was apparently around 12.5 degrees. It surely wasn�t as cold as it was last year, this time around.

But I am running away from words again. But my pictures can speak right?

2 thoughts on “I am still here

  1. Liked your blog, the photos are really beautiful …

  2. Thanks Archana. Your blog rocks too!–>

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