capturing sunsets

I love sunsets. They fascinate me tremendously. It is nice to see something so bursting and blinding white, suddenly get all fiery red and then mellow down to a feisty orange and later a lovely golden yellow. Sometimes the sunsets are brooding against the grey of the clouds, but when the purples, pinks come they are joyous; such a variety.

My balcony overlooks a concrete jungle. But its only saving grace is the sunsets it allows me. Somehow if I am home I never can resist capturing them on camera. Strangely though, the best sunsets I have seen till date are when there have been no cameras around.

�She is shy; reserves her best for when no one�s clicking.
For the moments when you truly marvel at her splendour
And savour her flavours in the sky
Are those captured with the camera within;
when you gaze awestruck at her beauty captivated
capturing her, only with the blink of your eyes.�

1 thought on “capturing sunsets

  1. I liked your write up on the sunset. To see the sky and not wonder about its various moods and colours is impossible. Nice to know there are poeple out there watching the same things I do :-).–>

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