I’m in Love

I am so much in love. With his cute little hands and the way they are always curled and closed as though he is scared someone is going to read his hands and read his future, his eyes which show recognition when he suddenly smiles at me, at his cute little stomach that goes flat when he is hungry and is like a round balloon when he has just had his fill, his smile and his wails which express his confusions and some strange sorrow, his sighs while he sleeps ( what bothers him as much) , at the way he so happly peed all over me..

My dearest darling Dhruv, My baby ( actually my mama's but feels like mine). The newest entrant to my family.. he comes after 17 years of mama and mami's marriage and so truly is a mircale baby. The way we all gush over him ( god he is going to be spoilt!).

I love you baby and you know where to go whenever you are happy or sad. I seem to only think of him all the time. It sucks that I am not in Bombay and also makes me wonder why and how you can love someone so much when he wasnt present in your life moments ago.

How can love just stem unknowingly from you and fill every cell of your being. And on another note also makes me wonder that if we have as much love filled in us then how come we find it so difficult to love and trust another adult human being. With children all prejudices collapse, with adults we build walls. god, remind me to smile at the next stranger on the road. Something in me feels very awake right now.

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