just one line

growing up too fast sometimes keeps us still in the childhood.

And its says all. I know its precisely what has happened to me where many emotions are concerned. I was in the midst of writing a long blog when J said this. I sometimes feel like cut pasting every single one of our conversations onto this blog. or maybe i should just start a new blog which is only about our conversations.

1 thought on “just one line

  1. Hi Anita…….

    U mus b really used to it …by now….being praised for the intensity that magically surrounds all ur writings…..now I ‘ve been reading ur blogs since y’dy……n the first thing this morning that I did reaching my office was to open ur page as a window to return back to time n again whenever I would feel the need to have things make some sense to me in the place called office…..

    well I mus say u’ve been blessed with te beauty to pour out so much that u think and ponder over, feel and realise through this journey…………….hats off….m a lazy blogger ..I’ve my page to prove that….u may see urself………

    But THanks forall the inspiration thats bubbling within me to return to blogging in fullswing……………..

    all the gud luck to u and loved ones…

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