[Long Post] Cultivating Abundance

A must read, dear friends. Do read the full thing..

Flowering of eternity

[Download PDF version of this article here]

She found herself standing in a breeze that blew her hair over her face as she stood outside a tall wooden door that seemed old and worn. It was a pleasant afternoon and she felt mildly curious. She saw the brass handle shaped like a mermaid with wings. It would take a lot of effort to push this door open, she thought, and she had a small frame. So, using all her might, she pushed at the door. But something strange happened. She almost fell onto the floor inside the temple for the moment she touched the handle, the door seemed to swing open on its own as if on automatic! Regaining her balance, she faced a long hall with a red carpet laid out, lined with golden borders. “Hello?” she called out, but she already had a sense that there was…

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