Life has been good

Which just shows me that the moment you begin to believe in the power to create your destiny, life sends both laughs and tears your way.  But joys are so powerful that they have the ability to make all tearful moments seem mundane and a waste of our energies.  And that is how I have been living. Focusing on the positives, enjoying work and life and quickly getting over the moments I feel low.

Life has really been good the past couple of months. Touch-wood. I managed to get my website Unsaid Words up and running.  I found a template and tweaked it all by myself.  What can I say, I seem to be a sucker for self-imposed misery and revel in the torture web-design imposes on a coding virgin like me.  But I am happy with the end result, especially with the text. It says what I want to crisply and honestly.

Apart from that, I have been writing – poems, articles like this and this,  and content . And it has been so so satisfying. Nothing makes me happier than writing.  And thanks to the writing another long standing dream is going to be fulfilled. Soon I will have more smiles to spread out.

3 thoughts on “Life has been good

  1. I have a saying, “It’s all good.”

    I try to remember this all day. We only have so many heart beats before the ol’ ticker gives in. Don’t waste a one.

  2. life is good..its the we see things in life that matters!

  3. Good luck for ur venture.

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