Reconnecting with me

I have often found my voice when I thought the cacophony would engulf it. There have been so many occasions previously when I decided life was just not giving me time or opportunity enough to do what I wanted.

This time I chose to reign in my excuses and ask them to either shut up or make their way out of my mind. And it has been fulfilling. Each day, I find a little of me. Every time I write, my heart feels a little happier. To empty my mind of chatter, not only do I listen to it, I silence it with my talkative hand. It has been truly uplifting to write again.

3 thoughts on “Reconnecting with me

  1. Hi Anita, Thanks for commenting on my story! I totally echo your feelings on writing without any excuses. I feel the same way when I pick up the pen after prolonged intervals.

  2. writing is a real releives you of all the stress and frustration…

  3. Your words resonate strongly.

    Writing can silence chaotic thoughts. For me, it was writing that has gotten me through the darkest times of my rather unimpressive life. I like to think of it as self directed therapy… somehow the chaos seems ordered when I write it all down.

    26 alphabets… infinite permutations.


    PS: And it definitely works better than drinking supermarket wine and waking up hungover. Gaah!

    PPS: *shhhh* 😉

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