Sometimes when I am too tired
being a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend, sister
I seek refuge in my imagination
and ride away on its wings

The shower becomes a waterfall
the green grass outside is a mountain-side
the brown earth are sand dunes
the reflection of the sky in the puddle is my lake

When the body is stuck with everyday living
for a few moments my soul soars
and I travel in my memory
to the sights, sounds and smells I once knew

the earthy rainy mountains  I once trekked in
the sound of seagulls  in the beach
the forts that age graefully into an ignored tomorrow
the shimmering eyes of the deer in the forest at night

All weave their way out from my mind
into my everyday
I relive some moments in my imagination
because that is the only escape I have

7 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Kudos to your imagination ma’am.
    Awesome 🙂

  2. So true .. Our imagination and fantasies become the escape route of our stress and sometimes pain.

    Nice post.

  3. Beautiful!

    I can relate to that!

  4. I agree! It’s so stressful just thinking about work, chores and all that, why not just at least have some imagination? It really can relieve the stress and pain we’re carrying.

  5. This is the poem by a true woman..salutes

  6. hi your blog is really nice keep it up

  7. So true…I can relate to it so much!

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