Breaking free

I built them. Slowly and steadily
Adding one brick after the other
One fear after another
Till the wall around was thick and strong
It protected me from everything that was coming my way.

But tomorrow, I will take a hammer and bring it down
One by one, slowly and steadily
Till nothing remains
The wall shielded me from the pain
But it also kept my joys away.

8 thoughts on “Breaking free

  1. everyone wants to break that wall, i know that i try everyday to get it down. but, recognizing the wall is part of the challenge. and after recognizing, wanting to break it is the rest of the challenge. i face this constantly and very often it gets confusing. many times i find i actually love hiding behind it.. it takes a lot of will and courage to get anywhere in this.

  2. Well written Anita and straight from the heart! I love your style and way you write. You portray your emotions wonderfully! 😛

  3. Very poignant …. and this morning I was thinking about how cold I have grown with time … and I see that I have built a wall around myself!

  4. Thank you Shankar, Mehnak and Aneesha for your words . Sorry I am acknowledging your comments after as much time.

  5. Anita

    Kudos to an absolutely whopping effort!!! A brilliant fusion of emotion and spiritual nostalgia

  6. Wow ….kudos … a innervoice expressed to feel the happiness of other side .. we all are covered by this bricks .. time to break … well done ..keep it up …. Have a nice days


  7. i get enthralled as I go through those words. Stupefied yet thoughtful. Keep it up. Its amazing

  8. Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things. Nice post – Thanks

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