" Everyday 19 species disappear from the earth"

Did you know this? I didnt. I saw it on an Ad in the Animal Planet. Wanna learn more? Go to One Earth

Here are some more facts and tips: from their website:( in not so many words)

For each new car made, we create 27 tons of waste. Tip- buy a used car and the most fuel efficient one in that category.

Trash is our biggest product. Packaging consumes 40% of paper used in germany and 1/3 of plastics used in the US. Tip: avoid buying packaged food.

Fact: 36% of the world's grain supply is used to feed chicken. tip: eat less meat and there can be enough

Fact: US has 5% of the world's population and uses 30% of its resources

Fact: A lawnmower can pollute more than a used car. running one for an hour procides the same emissions as driving a used car for 50 miles.

Fact: The electricity used to keep our lights burning creates 39 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year

Fact:Of the 28 commonly used pesticides, at least 23 are carciogenic . tip- think organic, buy organic.

Fact: A quarter of all oil goes to fuel passenger cars. tip: car-pool to work

Fact: Air pollution has led to a 79% increase in the number of children with asthma.

And so it goes on ….. get the picture?

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