My paper on communications

Discovered a couple of days back that my paper on �Communications for Development: Creating a Communications Strategy�, which was first published in my project Newsletter in the i4d magazine, is going to be republished in the Journal of Rural Development published by National Institute for Rural Development (NIRD). It is available online here. After more than a 100 published articles, this paper�s republication in the NIRD journal strangely feels more like an achievement. Clap for me!

I have often encountered people with such a closed attitude when it comes to making some changes in the way projects are usually implemented. New threatens not only the people for whom the projects are being implemented but even the organizations who often tend to prefer a �we know it all� approach. It is hard to get some new or rather different idea or approach noticed. Have seen so many people crib that projects aren�t well documented, but when systems aren�t there, how can documentation take place! Instead of just talking I decided to research and then write. Got to also thanks some feedback I listen to from people who had lotsa problems getting media to pay attention to their work and hence the media relations box. Anyways I'm keeping my fingers crossed now…Read it and let me know how it is.

2 thoughts on “My paper on communications

  1. agree on the documntation part,,it is easier to point fingers rather than come up with strategy and do something about it.

  2. Yep!! the article did speak about the strategies to be followed fr a better communication bridge!! though people do know the value of communications.. a paper on HOW to preserve the value and use it in the right perspective would surely go a long way if only businesses follow it!!!

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