Death of the coin

On our way to work, we stopped by at the usual roadside garage to fill air in the tyres. The 10 year old boy, after giving me a leering look, proceeded to check and fill air. Though there is over Rs. 30 in change lying in varied purses back home, we struggled to rummage the needed change to give the boy. Three Rupee 1 coins and four, 25 paise coins were finally discovered and given to the boy. The conversation then, went something like this.

Boy after checking the change- �Its five, not four�

We grumbled and dug around for Re. 1 more, fully aware that it was five. Ahh, a coin.

Boy once again counting: �It has four chavannai (25 ps coins). Wont do�

Satya (surprised): �Why?�

Boy (rolling his eyes and trying to look incredulous, all at once): �Cause no one takes it anymore�

Me (trying to sound dumb): �But there are four coins there, that�s one re.1. You can easily give that to someone.�

Boy 9 (not convinced): �Na one, one uses 25 paise coins anymore.� (looks at us like we are from another planet)

We didn�t know India doesn�t use 25 paise coins anymore. When was the last time we used change here, er, hmm.. No memory of giving coins 25 paise coins. Gasp! We were in another planet!

Satya (prince to the rescue): �Then how come we have it?�

Boy (at loss of words): � Nahi chalega Saheb, wont do�

Satya (glad at stumping him): �If it wont, thenn give it back to us the next time we fill air here�

Me: �I am glad he didn�t throw it back at us.�

Satya: �Well we shocked him there. Was too stunned people use 25 paise coins�

(end of conversation)

Hmm. Do any of you still use 25 paise coins? I am thinking of adding the few I have to my coins collections.

5 thoughts on “Death of the coin

  1. I didn’t get the memo that 25 paise coins were out of circulation, but I realised that they were not being used a while back; it has been a while. I got a couple recently though and I was surprised.

    I can’t remember when the last time was that I gave a 25 paise coin to someone.

  2. i had faced similar situation when i had gone to Khatu shyam temple in rajasthan, there they said that even to 50 paise..they wont take anything under 1 Rs. I took it back from them and used them elsewhere. They can be used in some innovative ways where the chance of refusal is very less.

    1. Buying candy
    2. When the amount is 21/23,,,offer 500 note,,else shower them with change 😀

  3. I think the simple thing for RBI is to, well, listen to the voice of people.
    Dump the 25 paise.

  4. Percy: I am sure to remember and ensure this is the last time I offer 25 paise coins to anyone!

    Ankur: Thanks for the tip. I am headign with my change box to the grocery store right now and lettign go of all the 50 and 25 paise coins.

    Neelakantan: Ahh it was nice to read your post. Thanks for the link. I actually have just started collecting coins. After saving a couple for the collection, I am following Ankur’s tip and heading to dump them all. Pray the grocery store guy doesnt refuse them too..

  5. Hey man.. i am afraid the 50 paise coin is also slowly getting infected with the disease of disappearance.

    I myself feel unsure whether or not to save the 25 paise coins and 50 paise coins.. in my kid’s kiddy bank!! infact, the other day.. when we tried counting her savings, i found a huge lot of 25 ps coins.. now.. i know not.. what she can buy for herself!! best part was – that i found 3 10 paise coins in her bank!! what do i do now?? inculcate an hobby in my 6 yr old.. on coin collection?? or better do it myself?? bcos.. i m afraid.. she might not even recognise the 10ps.. as a COIN!!!

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