One of those days

When I feel like doing everything but what I am doing right now. And hence I did nothing that I was supposed to and did everythign else but that. Eh, understood? Thats quite how I am feeling. No logic, let go. Finally evening arrives and its time to go home. Just some sprinkling of poetry to spice up the sunset ( yes I am leaving when there is still light outside, Hurray!)

yes is a pleasant country: e.e.cummings

yes is a pleasant country:
if's wintry
(my lovely)
let's open the year

both is the very weather
(not either)
my treasure,
when violets appear

love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one(and april's where we're)

1 thought on “One of those days

  1. Would cumming by any other name write as sweet?

    I think he would


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