Musical musings

Do you let music make love to you ? Go away from your brain slowly by slowly and let the music course through each part of your body. Tease you, touch you, move you, make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel alive, make you dance, make you feel sexy, make you feel special and loved? I do!!

Now it is difficult to define good music and I guess I consider what appeals to me as good music. But I can�t imagine my life without music. Spent the afternoon working and listening to romantic songs which I hadn�t listened to in long. Managed to discover some good songs that I hadn�t paid much attention to earlier. Sometimes these songs just grow on you. I have even devised my very own way of listening to them repeatedly.

At first something appeals, the music, lyrics, something. The next time I pay close attention to what captivated me in the first place. I close my eyes and often just let it flow through me. Gifts are the songs which manage to capture me both in terms of lyrics as well as words. I can sense each word slowly enter my brain and slowly seep into my heart with each beat, till I subconsciously stop whatever I am doing and sit in one place, eyes closed, mouth silenced, my ears listening, my brain absorbing and my heart feeling. My husband has told me that sometimes I rock to the music unknowingly, sometimes I smile and change my expressions with varying levels of intensity and passion. Honestly I believe its quite natural. you cannot help but let music capture you. Want a tip? To enjoy music best try and always sit between two speakers ( or don on a good headphone) and let the music be louder than other noises in the room. You cannot help but succumb to its will. I have often found myself associating moods to certain songs and that is the power and strength of a good musician. They can wonderfully tap into your emotions.

I have always appreciated creativity. Am addicted to dance but never gave music too much thought or the credit it deserved directly. And so today to all you music directors and lyricists out there, I just want to say you rock!

1 thought on “Musical musings

  1. Another way to listen to music (and I don’t do this now-a-days unfortunately) is to turn off the lights (this is a night-time activity) and close your eyes. I guess removing the visual input helps make the hearing better. (It also helps if you can visualise the band playing.)

    Music gives me a high too; I’m lost without it.

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