I want to savour the unsavoury, love the unloved, cherish the ignored and caress the untouched. Sometimes I want to move beyond my mind and its self imposed boundaries and see what is truly human. I want to go embrace all that I shirk from, only to break my own ego and my own barriers. I am this person seated here and also every person in the world. But I choose what emotion to exhibit. I want to meditate, its something I miss so much. To let silence envelope me and only listen to its song. The melody cascading down my head through my veins spreading completely inside me till each nerve is dancing to its beat.

Yes I am again focusing on me, but I want to teach my ego a lesson. I want to be humbled as I constantly am. Because I am not unique, it is only my actions that will make the difference. I need to discipline my heart and mind. I am often quite the errant child.

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