Action is conscious choice

How does one work without attachment? You told me action is conscious choice and to let the heart guide it. But I am not sure I got it.

Sai Baba :- When you choose what is not meant for you, your body and your energy will let you know that you have made a wrong choice. Why are you feeling peaceful as you write this? Are you experiencing any so-called stress as you write this? But when you got a rejection for your writing query, you immediately felt sadness. You experienced a feeling of not being good enough. Self-judgement, doubt all crept in because that choice of sending a query, though a choice, was not a conscious one. It was an act of the mind based on the thought, “I am good at writing. Baba said write. So let me write.” It was an ego-mind affair and the result was the ego-mind feeling rejected and stressed! I told you to write what comes to you naturally and what is a conscious choice. Ask yourself, what is the effort you need to make to do journalism vs this? That conscious awareness of the effort should be your guide. You were tense and nervous after sending a query because you were attached to the result. In this, the writing itself is the journey.

But I am wondering what to do with this writing as well.

Baba :- That is because you are still unable to see this as a soul’s journey to God. You still view this as “your” journey. Not our journey. You are still insistent on having an identity. “Anita the writer” – It is one you cherish most. And the concept of fame, acknowledgement, and money are woven into it.

You need to see the larger picture here. See yourself as a universal soul, speaking a language many understand. Speak the language of simplicity and write that. Share and give without expecting from other earth souls and spirits. Have you noticed how much you receive? It all comes to you and you know it. Stop running behind your ego-mind which lusts after earthly goals. Your goal is God, Oneness and let that be your only goal. Your vision, internal vision, should be focused only upon the Great One. He/she will guide you on through me. You are not meant for publishing articles and earning money. I will provide. Trust me, trust God. You have never lacked till now, neither will you ever lack or want. Even if you do, it is O.K. because it is an earth thing. See, lack and abundance are earthly concepts. What a soul needs has already been given to it. You carry God inside you, and as you explore and discover him/her in the silence, you will feel more and more full, abundant, and complete.

Not being attached to your actions, applies not only to the earth plane but also to your spiritual path. Do not judge what is happening, do not worry, wonder or even rejoice anything you experience, because they are all experiences. Remember that, and keep coming back to God inside. Keep moving to the silence within. Your job is to simply be aware of the sensations, experience, and realize none of it is the real you. There is no Anita. She is a story of this moment. The ‘you’, the spark of God, is on its way back to the Great One. Just focus on that and let everything else pass. 

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