Mumbai wait for me

Monsoon is when everyone including the rain is going bonkers. So much for my previous post gushing about the monsoon. My plans of going to Bombay tomorrow have literally been washed away. SOB� SOB.. Dad wait for me.. N don�t open those bags till I get there.

If not for me at least for the sake of those chocolates craving to be eaten, god should have stopped the monsoon and cleared the way. Now those poor lil darlings will have to wait to be savoured. Dad is wishing he had stayed on in the US another week and I am wishing the monsoon had chosen the next Tuesday to show its might, at least then I�d be stuck at home in Bombay and not here in Hyderabad.

And on a totally different note, Google earth is awesome. I am getting to revisit US without leaving my chair. Yes, I did sniff a little when I saw Presidio (my ex-apartment complex).

Coming back to the rains, as bad as the situation there is, I want to be in Bombay right now.

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