Created a word: Soul-roots

Well it�s my word, my creation and hence I�ll define it. I checked in to ensure it doesn�t already exist. And it doesn�t! Hurray! (Please this maybe my only claim to fame and don�t put a damper on this lovely thought of mine). Feel free to pass it along freely though. But let it be remembered who first uttered it.

But on second thoughts no one went famous for saying a word, except Archimedes. But I am not running around naked. (Yes, I am aware he didn�t invent the word Eureka. But it is pretty famous and common, thanks to his antics). Hmm. Well I am free to use it, right?
Actually I did and then explained it too. First response was good, so hurray!

: (Used in hyphenation)

Soul-roots is an inner connection struck with a place, people, etc which leaves you with a sense of attachment and d�j� vu. Usually used in a positive manner and with reference to people or places, it is a feeling that makes you feel this place, eatable, people etc. has been part of your life in inexplicable ways previously ( for those who believe in rebirth maybe even some previous lifetime).


1) Maybe my soul-roots lie in India. Maybe that�s why despite the fact I have never visited the country before this, my heart feels like it belongs and wants to live here.

2) Ah, that lecture by Dalai Lama was magical. Strangely I feel so connected to His Holiness, as though my soul-root were a Buddhist.

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