All of us are divinely guided in our life. Sometimes we experience it as a intuition, sometimes as an experience. Some of us hear guidance, yet others receive guidance in dreams. A lot of times we meet people who show us the way forward to a peaceful life. I began to experience guidance long before I realized what it was. But lately the guidance has been stronger. Every time, I choose guidance to make decisions, I experience peace. Initially guidance is useful to make simple choices in our life. Choices when we are confused or even choices on how to live better. We can pause before we make decisions to see what we are guided to choose or we can pray to be shown the way.

Recently, I have been sensing that guidance is the starting point for surrender. As you walk on the spiritual path and choose guidance to make your decisions, it eventually leads to surrender. Slowly, little by little, you release the sense of control, and allow the ‘I’ to hand over the baton to God. You let God conduct your life. You allow yourself to witness everything and take ownership of nothing. But this cannot happen overnight. It happens bit by bit. It requires practice, commitment, dedication. We are talking about giving up the “I”, the sense of me, and merging and melting with God. The ego puts up its best fights for this. It jumps in and protests like it is drowning. This is the ego’s death, but it is also the journey into eternal life. This is giving up the tiny for the magnificent. It is trading the painful existence of the ego, for the peaceful existence of God.

So, walk this path with caution. This is not for you, if you still want to fight. But if you feel ready to move beyond the mind, if you have seen even glimpses of the struggle and are tired of it, this is the path to choose. This is the path I am exploring now because it feels like living in guidance is like living with God.

Some of the divine beings ( alive and ascended) who have instrumental in my journey thus far are:

Sai Baba

Sometimes it takes years to understand the simplest of things. Despite a strong connection with ‘Baba’ since my childhood, I spent years treating him like someone whose job it was to appease my demands. But it is only in recent years, that I have begun to understand what God and Guru mean. I have begun to understand how Baba has shaped my life. He continues to time and again remind me that he loves, protects, and guides me since lifetimes and forever. He is the perfect master, perfect mother, perfect guide and once you are his child, you are cared forever.


For years I have resisted his grace believing my allegiance lay with Baba, as though I was betraying Baba by listening to him. And yet I have been led again and again to Jesus and his words in A Course in Miracles (ACIM) by Baba. And now I find myself wondering why did I resist his grace for so long! I find a deep connection in the words of ACIM. I sense the truth and Oneness between all these masters. I do not know where I am being guided to, but I am grateful for his presence.


I always wished that I could have been alive when Baba was. To live and learn from a master, how incredible would that be. That wish came true when Baba sent GD my way.
My teacher, my Guru, my earth-guide… it is GD’s grace that shines bright in my life. He brings with him the energy of God, the silence of Truth, the peace of Awareness in my life every single moment. Without him there wouldn’t be a path, let alone a student. More about him is at –

Before GD came into my life, there have been many wise teachers who nudging me onwards in the journey. Annaji ( Panvel Sai Baba Temple) and Swami Sukhabhodananda (Prasanna Trust, Bengaluru) in particular have taught me immensely during my childhood and younger days. I am who I am, only because of them all.

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  1. Nice artical.great work.

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