While looking for a word that best describes what I do, and realizing that there was none, I came up with the idea of creating one myself. As a spiritual student, you realize the mind is constantly making something out of nothing. So why not make a word that describes your work! Since what I currently do is somewhere at the nexus of spirituality, writing and creativity, I call myself a Spiritual Creativist!

After spending decades chasing the written word, being a child poet, teenage journalist, adult freelance writer, married communications specialist, mother-of-toddler travel writer, I gave it all up. I was playing with words, finding success, and was yet empty.  It took nearly seven years after that, before I found my true path – that of a seeker. Here on this journey, words became an ally to understand, an enemy to shed, and a tool to transcend my mind. As I explored my spiritual side, re-connected with God, and found the courage to choose the spiritual path, writing became a gift.

Currently, my primary focus is on taking my teacher GD’s words to the world. We are working on a series of books, compiled from his conversations with his students. Also on the works, at the mercy of Sai Baba, are a series of children’s books and a book for adults. These will see the light of the day whenever Sai Baba (who is channeling them) will deem them ready.

Apart from this, I am always available to those who need a little bit of nudging and support on the spiritual path. If you are like me, you will need a lot of it, irrespective of where you stand in your journey.