While looking for a word that describes what I do, I realized there was none. Since what I currently do is somewhere at the nexus of spirituality, writing and creativity, I call myself a Spiritual Creativist 🙂

After spending decades chasing the written word and finding success, I discovered that instead of feeling full, I felt empty.  That set me on a journey to discover a simpler life that made more sense. As I walked on this path of a spiritual seeker, words became an ally to understand, an enemy to shed, and a tool to transcend my mind. Today, I view writing as a gift, one that helps me share love, light and laughter with the world.

Currently, I am working on a series of books, compiled from my teacher GD’s conversations with his students. Another series of children’s books, which is currently called Stories of Light, is also nearing completion. A friend and I have recently started a publishing house – One Light Publications to help bring these books into the hands of those ready for light 🙂

Apart from writing, I regularly offer sessions to those interested in exploring the mind-body connection and how it impacts us. My focus is on connecting a person to our real treasure – Peace and Happiness. This is a treasure we all carry within, but is also one we often forget exists or easily overlook.