I write features and short-stories whenever the muse strikes. A little about my writing life is below.


I have been a freelance writer and communications specialist with various organizations in print and internet media as well as for not-for-profit organizations since 1998. My writing and photographic work has appeared in Christian Science Monitor, The Golden Sparrow, Terra Green (The Energy and Resource Institute, India), Web Travel TV (USA), The India Tube, W+K , Digital Design Video (USA), India Currents (California, USA), Windows & Aisles (in-flight magazine of Paramount Airways, India), various supplements of the Times of India (Mumbai,India), India Today Travel Plus , etc.

My latest short story ‘Going Home‘ is at the Earthen Lamp Journal.

A couple others have been published in the anthologies The Urban Shots- Crossroads and Ripples

Urban Shots Cover image Ripples Image

Another story is part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul- Indian College Students

Chicken Soup

My poetry has been published in online and offline publications like Livemint, Muse India and Kritya.


My photography experiments began with my travel features. I wanted a more formal training and so in 2012, I attended a short non-graded course in Photography at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. I love photographing nature, architecture and people. Some of my work is in the album below.

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