Isapuram Tales

The books are almost here! Maybe Santa will bring us all a gift soon!

The Chameleon Effect and other stories – Book One

Lights, Camera, Action and other stories – Book Two

About the books –

When Diya moved to Isapuram she did not imagine all the beautiful ways in which her life would change. A super curious, naughty, and yet compassionate 10-year-old, Diya’s life revolves around her family, best friends Biju and Ayesha, and her bestest friend, Baba.

Baba, her neighbour is not just a mystic but the coolest adult she knows. He tells her stories, gets her out of trouble, and listens to her non-stop chatter. Not just Diya, everyone in the town seems to love him and look up to him. “Man-of-God,” they whisper when Baba passes by.

But that is not why he is Diya’s bestest friend. Anyone who knows Diya can tell you that it isn’t easy to live with her. Diya believes in questioning everything she is told and never saying a ‘yes’ until she knows the ‘why.’ And it looks like Baba, is the poor man stuck with patiently responding to her unending stream of questions about everything under the sun and beyond!

What is Diya really like? What do Diya and Baba talk about? Does Baba have magical powers that he can share with Diya? Or are they just regular folks who know how to live a magical life? To know more, read the Isapuram Tales series!

Watch this space to know more 🙂