Hello and welcome to Anita Satyajit’s website.

An award-winning journalist and writer from India, Anita has written on travel, features, profiles, lifestyle, health, Bollywood and arts for publications in India and abroad. In 2010, she won the Excellence in Writing Award presented by Andhra Pradesh State, India for her travel feature on the Chowmahalla Palace, Hyderabad. Soon after, another of her articles on the ecologically sensitive rocks of Hyderabad was included in the Central Board for Secondary Education’s, English text-book for Grade 10.

Years ago, to pay bills Anita worked as a communications specialist for corporates and developmental agencies. She returned to her first love, journalism soon after and also went on to publish a few poems and short stories.

As a writer, Anita loves to do work that not just informs but also strikes a chord with people. The process of journalism for her is a way to expand herself, the lives of those she meets and the audience she is writing for. She particularly enjoys writing profiles, alternative travel and on culture, health, psychology and society.

Anita has a Post-Graduate degree in Communication and Journalism (Honours) and a graduate degree in Finance and Commerce from the University of Mumbai. Then in a quest for Kaizen, she took a course in Fiction Writing from UC Berkeley and more recently attended a special non-graded course, Choice Points- Readings on the exercise of Power and Responsibility, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.

To know more about her visit the about page.

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